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6 months ago

Hi and welcome to TheMiningTorch.

Last few months our team has been really busy working on a complete rebranded server.
New name, new game mode, new options, and features. This is all because of the high demand from our amazing players. We are happy to say that the most work is almost done, we created a nice new spawn, updated all our socials, and made sure we have a place where we think most of you guys will feel welcome to play 😀

We are still laying some final touches before we can open and even after launch we will make sure to continue building and improving based on the feedback we get from all of you amazing people.

The exact launch date is still unknown, but we hope to be ready to welcome you all back very soon!
Don't forget to join our discord server for the latest updates if you haven't yet and maybe also check out our socials media 😊

about 1 year ago

Hello everybody, in order to maintain a good atmosphere for everyone, we have our own rules which we encourage you to follow 🙂

  • We do not allow scamming, ex. making a promise to someone that you do not hold.
  • Exploiting on our server is not allowed, ex. using a bug or a glitch to gain advantage in game.
  • We do not allow any sort of hack, ex. using a hacked client or ghost client, auto clicker or (in-client) scripts or macros during game-play. If you are aware and don't tell any staff member about it or have any affiliation with any hacker, the punishment will also apply to you!
  • Do not tp-trap any player. Tp trapping players meaning trapping or killing another player by either teleporting to them or teleporting them to you without giving them a reasonable opportunity to escape or survive. No matter who they are or if u just want to play a prank on them, please don't do this.

  • We encourage you not to spam in the chat more than 2 times the same message.

  • Do not flood the chat, ex. "JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET !". The in-game chat should stay as clean as possible for players to understand each other and to communicate easily.
  • We do not allow swearing on our server. Swearing includes but does not limit to swear words with substitution letters like d!ck, cvnt @$$ but also dck, fck sht etc.
  • Please do not write in more than 4 caps per message. 

  • We do not allow advertising on our server at all such as mentioning the name, abbreviation, DNS name or IP-address or another server.
  • We do not allow racism or/and discrimination. Neither jokes or serious racism. It is a place for everyone to come and enjoy, no matter where they come from 🙂

  • Do not threaten any player or encourage them to suicide. Not even as a joke.
  • General disrespect is also not allowed. Any disrespectful behavior towards somebody else will not be tolerated.
  • We do not allow cheating. Cheating and hacking aren't the same thing. Any form of illegal, or non-actual gaming methods are considered as cheating and therefore are dis-allowed.
  • We are not tolerating griefing at all! Destroying other people's properties is absolutely not something to make a joke from!
  • Insiding is not allowed! Stealing from other members' islands is something that we will not go easy on!
  • Do not make automatic triggering devices using redstone, with the purpose to cause lag!
  • Do not excessively beg our staff members for something! If they say they cannot do something then don't bother them with it!
  • We also do not allow afk kick-bypassing. We don't want to have afk farmers on our server, we want our players to have the same chances. 🙂
  • Keep the public chat in English! We are an international server, opened to everybody, no matter where they come from!