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Oi there mates, How are yall? Evelia here i just wanted to add a brief discription of myself here I am Evelia also known as Dyrroth or Garyzard however i dont use the name Garyzard anymore and i dont wanna be called Garyzard anymore, I am a staffmember on here, Codexcraft. Ive been playing fr quite a while now, i think since august 2020. Im happy to be in this team because it helped me ever since and sometimes i can be harsh but i dont mean to be harsh at those times its just something ive been struggling to control. I most likely apologize once im cooled down and i just wanna have a good time. I am a boy however i tend to use my main female Character aka Evelia, i use this avatar on codex and its kinda something i took over from roleplaying. Have a nice day, Scientist Evelia Roselia


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